Fruits of Ecuador: Mora

Mora, Ecuadorian blackberry

Tangy and sweet, mora is a type of blackberry very common in the Ecuadorian highlands. It grows like a raspberry, on a vining plant with bunches of the fruit. For $1 you can buy a quart of the berries at the market. It is most often made into juice or smoothie and is especially refreshing when mixed with coconut milk. Mora is found everywhere – from ice cream to candies, and I’ve even tried it as a BBQ sauce on chicken wings. Supposedly, it can be found in the United States too; Ecuador has begun exporting the tasty berry North.

2 thoughts on “Fruits of Ecuador: Mora

    • “Mora.” I live in a town in Connecticut with a large Ecuadoran population, and some of the local grocery stores have Ecuadoran items for those customers. The mora are available frozen, in bags. My daughter and I tried them, and they are wonderful. They make excellent jams and pies. We enjoy telling people we share the pies, jams, and ice cream with that they are exotic Ecuadoran mora.

      We had a mulberry tree behind the house, and we would also make pies, jams, and ice cream with mulberries. Our neighbors would also refer to the mulberries as “mora.”

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